ACCEL TECHNOLOGY is a professional and experienced company providing power & control solution worldwidely for over 15 years, predecessor as LE (LAUREATE ELECTRIC) since 2001. Our main products are customized transformers including control transformers, isolating transformers, safety isolating transformers, power supplies transformers, rectifier transformers, reactors, autotransformers, power distribution transformers and special purpose transformers for different applications; and customized enclosures for electrical equipments made of steel, stainless steel and die-casting aluminum alloy. Our products are widely used in various industries as mechanical, electrical & electronic, instruments, transportation, solar & medical system, military, energy, power supplies, petrochemical etc.


Our major advantage is the vast flexibility of our customized products; for different purposes from standard products to OEM to special customized; for various industries from food processing to advanced medical system to military industry; and for different occasions from civil house to industrial workshop to hazardous area; which come from our strong R&D engineering team, based on extendible production line and persistent spirit of innovation. 



Our company aims not only to present high-quality and competitive products which to succeed us from the market; but also to provide solutions to power & control related problems occur to our clients which may distinguish us from the rivals; further on to motivate technical innovation and help create extra value, which can contribute to accel the progress of technology and society.