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BAT102 Explosion Proof Energy-Efficient & Maintenance Free Led Floodlight


Pieces suitable for explosive gas environment 1 zone and 2 zone,

This product in Hazardous:21,22,

Pieces suitable for IIA, IIB, IIC explosive gas environment,

Should apply to the temperature group for T1~T6 environment;

Technician specifications

Ex rating: Exde II CT6 Gb、ExtD A21 IP66 T80℃

Rated voltage:AC220V 50-60Hz 

protection grade:IP65、IP66* 

Corrosion-proof grade:WF1 、WF2* 

Inlet thread:G3/4 '',suitable for cable(ф8-14mm)

Terminal block: ≤4mm2 reliable wire connection  

Mounting: x:z:Bracket type 、m:Street lamp type

Executive standard:  GB3836.1、GB3836.2、GB3836.3、GB12476.1、GB12476.5、IEC60079-0、IEC60079-1、IEC60079-7、IEC61241-0、IEC61241-1、EN60079-0、EN60079-1、EN60079-7、EN61241-0、EN61241-1



◇Pieces suitable for explosive gas environment 1 zone and 2 zone,

◇This product in Hazardous:21,22,

◇Pieces suitable for IIA, IIB, IIC explosive gas environment,

◇Should apply to the temperature group for T1~T6 environment;

◇Suitable for energy-saving reconstruction project and the place where difficultly to do the repairment and replacement.

◇Designed for petroleum exploitation, refinery, storage, chemistry, medicine, military and military facilities etc. sites with potential explosive atmosphere.


◇Unique radiator design and the use of special cast aluminum alloy die-casting made of high-voltage electrostatic spray surface.

◇Resistance to high energy impact of tempered glass, heat-resistant, heat sudden changes, high transmittance;

◇Stainless steel exposed fasteners with High corrosion resistance.

◇Light source cavity, power chamber with separation structure, effectively ensure that the heat source cavity heat will not be transmitted to the

power chamber;

◇The connect space between Body and cover is labyrinth structure, with silicone rubber foam seal, paste firmly, high degree of protection;

◇Unique constant current drive power, wide voltage input, constant power output, power factor cosΦ ≥0.95  with multiple shunt, constant

current, over current, open circuit, short circuit protection, anti-interference grid design to ensure clean and fast start;

◇Independent anti-surge device

◇Using high thermal conductivity aluminum plate, the use of high-heat silicone grease paste the connection between the light source plate and

the gap between the shell to ensure that the heat generated when the light source is fully transmitted to the heat sink.

◇Optics and anti-glare piece integrated design innovation,multi-spot light illumination system multipoint emitting, illumination uniformity. None


◇Wide range of options, suitable for places where the height of installation.

◇cable wiring

BAT102 Explosion Proof Energy-Efficient

BAT102 Explosion Proof Energy-Efficient

◇Meet a criterion:GB3836.1、GB3836.8、GB12476.1、GB12476.5、IEC60079-0、IEC60079-15、IEC60079-31


◇xplosion-proof mark:Ex nRⅡCT6 Gc   Ex tD A21 IP66/IP67* T80℃

Ⅱ2 G Ex nR ⅡC T6 Gc Ⅱ2 D Ex tb ⅢC T80℃ Db IP66/IP67

◇xplosion-proof mark:AC220V 50-60Hz

◇protection grade:IP66、IP67*

◇Explosion-proof grade:WF1 、WF2*

◇Inlet thread:G3 / ''”Fitφ8~14mm Cable

◇Terminal block:≤4mm2Reliable connenction of wire

◇Mounting:x:ceiling type、z:Bracket type 、m:Street lamp type

◇Light Power:30W~200W

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