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BYD Explosion Proof Indicator Lamp


Pieces suitable for explosive gas environment 1 zone and 2 zone,

This product in Hazardous:21,22,

Pieces suitable for IIA, IIB, IIC explosive gas environment,

Should apply to the temperature group for T1~T6 environment;

Technician specifications

Ex rating:ExdⅡBT6 Gb,ExdⅡCT6 Gb ExtD A21 IP65 T80℃ 

Rated voltage:AC220V 50-60Hz

lamp option:High bright LED

protection grade:IP65、IP66* 

Corrosion-proof grade:WF1 、WF2* 

Inlet thread:G3/4”

Cable outer dia.:φ8mm~φ14mm

Terminal block: ≤2.5mm2 reliable wire connection

Charging time: 24h

Emergency lighting duration:≥120min

Mounting type:ceiling type(x) wall type(b)pendant (g)

Fixture weight:3.2kg

Executive standard:GB3836.1、GB3836.2、GB12476.1、IEC60079-0、IEC60079-1、IEC61241-0、IEC61241-1、EN60079-0、EN60079-1、EN61241-0、EN61241-1

BYD Explosion Proof Indicator Lamp


◇Pieces suitable for explosive gas environment 1 zone and 2 zone;

◇Pieces suitable for IIA, IIB, IIC explossive gas environment;

◇This product in Hazardous:21zone, 22zone;

◇Should apply to the temperature gruop for T1~T6 environment;

◇Mainly used for exit signs and direction in emergency conditions;

◇Designed for petroleum exploitation, refinery, storage, chemistry, medicine

military and military facilities etc. sites with potential explosive atmosphere.

Techniccl parameter

◇Meet a criterion: GB3836.1、GB3836.2、GB12476.1、IEC60079-0、IEC60079-1、IEC61241-0、IEC61241-1、EN60079-0、


◇Explosion-proof mark: ExdⅡ BT6 Gb、 ExdⅡ CT6 Gb、ExtD A21 IP65 T80℃

◇Rated voltage: AC220V 50-60Hz

◇protection grade: IP65、IP66*

◇Explosion-proof grade: WF1、WF2*

◇Light source: High bright LED

◇Charging time: 24h

◇Emergency time: ≥120min

◇Inlet thread: G3/4” suitable for Φ8-14mm cable

◇Terminal block: ≤2.5mm2   reliable cable connection

◇Mounting: ceiling type(x) wall type( b) pendant (g)

◇fixture weight: 3.2kg


◇Enclosure is die casted of aluminum alloy with high voltage electrostatic powder coated surface after shot blasted.

◇Toughened glass transparent cover, exposed fasteners are of stainless steel with good corrosion resistance.

◇Several kinds of logo are selectablr and can be made as per request.

◇Lighting whole reflector using of diffuse principle

◇HB LED lamp sources with features of high brightness, lone service life reach to 100 thounsand hours.

◇Charging core for Li battery with high charging efficiency, energy saving and can effectively Prolong battery service life.

◇Specially designed seal structure with good dust resistance and water resistance property.

◇Aesthetic appearance and several mounting methods.

◇Steel pipe and cable wiring.

BYD Explosion Proof Indicator Lamp

BYD Explosion Proof Indicator Lamp

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