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How Is The AH Explosion Proof Junction Box Installed?

Dec. 05, 2018

AH Explosion Proof Junction Box installation tools: screwdriver, tape, spare device, wiring nut, the following is the installation method:

The first step: first cut off the power supply, please remove the corresponding fuse or trip the corresponding circuit breaker. For safety reasons, you can also operate the main switch to cut off the total power supply to the shop floor.

Step 2: In most plants, there are two wires in the circuit. Connect the black and black lines, the white and white lines, and then the remaining ground lines (see the AH Explosion Proof Junction Box Manufacturer for wiring color coding instructions and recommended distribution box installation steps. Use the wiring nut to connect And check if it is secure after connecting.

Step 3: Check the wiring, consult the manufacturer's instructions, and carefully push all the wires into the junction box (metal or plastic box for electrical connections).

Step 4: Connect the distribution box to the junction box or hook according to the instructions of the manufacturer of the explosion-proof distribution box.

Step 5: Re-energize the circuit and test the installation.

AH Explosion Proof Junction Box

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