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Anti Explosion Junction Box Grounding Rules

Mar. 30, 2019

The explosion-proof junction box can provide safety for electrician operation. It can cope with sudden explosion and short circuit during construction. It can be safely used according to the corresponding grounding rules when wiring. As an AH Explosion Proof Junction Box Manufacturer, let's take the Anti Explosion Junction Box as an example to introduce the rules of the grounding wire of the explosion-proof junction box.

1. During the use of the Anti Explosion Junction Box, the purpose of the grounding wire is to simulate the safety of the enclosure. When the insulation function is impaired, an unheated metal casing or the like is usually charged, which may cause an explosion. Therefore, ground the ground so that the equipment enclosure can be kept at a safe distance from the ground. The metal casing of the Anti Explosion Junction Box shall be provided with a grounding terminal and the terminal box shall be provided with a terminal.

2. The grounding wire symbol should be marked. The cable junction box should also be equipped with an external grounding device. The internal terminals of the junction box must be provided.

Note: The portable Anti Explosion Junction Box must be moved during operation and may not have an external grounding device, but to ensure reliable connection of the enclosure to the underground main grounding grid, a cable with a grounded core must be used. The internal ground terminal must be placed in the main cavity.

Therefore, when using the explosion-proof junction box, follow the above rules to carry out the grounding wire, which can effectively reduce or even avoid the danger caused by short circuit. Please follow the instructions and operate correctly when wiring.

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