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The Main Components Of The LED Explosion-proof Lamp 2

May. 23, 2019

As an Explosion Proof Junction Box Manufacturer, we continue to share with you the main components of the explosion-proof lamp.

5. Reflective paper:

Reflecting the residual light on the back of the light guide to improve the light efficiency, generally RW250.

6. Rear cover:

The main function is to seal the LED panel light, generally using 1060 aluminum, which can also play a role in heat dissipation.

7. Drive power:

At present, there are 2 kinds of LED driving power sources. One is to use constant current power supply. This mode has high efficiency, PF value is up to 0.95, and cost-effective. Secondly, constant voltage with constant current power supply is used. The performance is stable, but the efficiency is low and the cost is high. This kind of power supply is mainly for export, the other party requires certification requirements, and a safe power supply is required. In fact, it is safe to use a constant current power supply in the home because it is difficult for the user to access the power supply, and the lamp body itself uses a safe low voltage power supply.

Explosion Proof LED Flood Light

8. Install the pendant:

Suspension wires, mounting brackets, etc. are used to mount fixed accessories.

From the perspective of quality control, it is most effective to increase the light efficiency in the LED light source and the LED light guide plate. From the perspective of market sales, the additional money is spent on the aluminum frame cover pendant. Can improve product quality.

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