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Eight Tips For Maintaining The Explosion Proof Light LED

Oct. 15, 2018

Eight tips for maintaining the Explosion Proof Light LED:

1. Properly keep the indications of the lighting products and related accessories, etc. It is forcible to use the lamp under the predetermined voltage and frequency. Before the lamp is cleaned and nursed, the power switch should be closed or the power supply should be disconnected.

2. Do not care to wipe, although the lamps are coated with multi-layer paint and protective paint, but do not confess to wipe it. In order to make your lamps shine forever, we suggest that you try to take the feather duster slowly. Lost dust, or use a dedicated dusting soft brush to slowly brush the ash of the lamp. Of course, the texture is soft and the fine dry cotton cloth can be taken.

3. All grounded lamps must be checked for grounding conditions.

Safety lighting should be checked regularly to ensure that no problems occur. When the lamp is replaced, the cover and fuse are destroyed, the power supply is forcibly cut.

Fourth, moisture-proof and waterproof is the key to the maintenance of lamps

Do not use wet rags to wipe the lamps, more and more light source, pipeline department, in order to prevent conduction, short circuit, or premature rust, lost paint and other signs, use warm water to scrub or wring the cloth immersed in the water to scrub the lamps, not used 4. Wash the gasoline, volatile oil, etc., and the dust in the darkness of the lamp should be cleaned with dry cloth or tweezers.

5. Pay attention to safety hazards when using and nursed back to health

Do not place goods such as paper and cloth in the vicinity of the illuminator or cover the illuminator. When cleaning, do not change the structure of the luminaire or change the parts of the luminaire.

6. Taboos for repairing lamps

It is not possible to repair the lamps in the case of dangerous goods such as gas or steam, but should be carried out in the usual place; when it is necessary, it is necessary to guarantee the safe operation. Use the warm water to scrub or wring the cloth soaked in the water to scrub the lamps, not using gasoline, Scrub oil, etc.

7. The maintenance of quartz lamps

The quartz pendant can be destroyed and cleaned. After it has been dried, it can be hung from the head, but you should pay attention to the combined hooking department to prevent water from rusting. Also pay attention to whether the combined hook can be sturdy after destruction.

8. Using lamps to create problems

In the process of using the luminaire, the problem should be stopped, the power supply should be cut off, and the inspection should be carried out.

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