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Installation Instructions Of Explosion Proof Exhaust Fan

Aug. 30, 2018

For the installation of Explosion Proof Exhaust Fan, many users do not know how to operate, let's explain the installation skills of explosion-proof exhaust fans.

1. Check the frame, vane or blinds of the BFAG explosion-proof exhaust fan for deformation, whether the fan blade is flexible or not. Check that all fasteners are complete and tight, and there should be an explosion-proof certificate.

2. A small explosion-proof switch must be used as the power switch, or the ordinary switch should be installed outdoors without explosion hazard.

3. The outer diameter of the cable connected to the power supply should be consistent with the sealing ring. After tightening and pressing the nut, ensure that there is no gap between the sealing ring and the cable, between the sealing ring and the outlet nozzle, otherwise the explosion-proof performance will be lost.

4. When assembling, ensure that the explosion-proof clearance is less than 0.2mm, and replace the grease of the motor bearing.

5. The line voltage must match the rated voltage on the motor.

6. Use 500V megger to measure the insulation resistance between the fan casing and the motor winding. The value should be greater than 5 megohms. Otherwise, the motor winding should be dried. The temperature should not exceed 120 degrees Celsius during drying.

7. The non-wired part of the explosion-proof motor can not be dismantled. When wiring, open the cover of the wiring room, and insert the lead into the terminal. After connecting, close the cover and tighten the screw so that the clearance of the explosion-proof surface is less than 0.2mm and then the wire is tight. So that the leads cannot be shaken.

8. The exhaust fan in use should always clean the dust and other accumulations on the motor to avoid affecting heat dissipation.

9. When the exhaust fan that has not been used for a long time is used again, check it according to the instruction manual, and use it after it is suitable.

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Explosion Proof Exhaust Fan

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