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Technical Features Of Explosion Proof Illumination Distribution Box

Sep. 05, 2018

Technical features of the Explosion Proof Illumination Distribution Box:

1. The aluminum alloy shell is die-casted, the surface is sprayed, and the appearance is beautiful;

2. Built-in C65N, NC100H and S25□S high-breaking miniature circuit breakers, M611 or GV2 motor protectors, 3VE1 air switch CM1 molded case circuit breakers and signal lights;

3. This product is compound type, the switch box adopts explosion-proof structure, the bus box and the outlet box adopt the increased safety structure, and the cavity is provided with sealing ring, which has good waterproof and dustproof functions;

4. This product has overload and short circuit protection functions, and can increase leakage protection and other functions according to requirements;

5 module structure, various circuits can be freely assembled as needed;

6. Can be customized according to requirements, such as the installation of surge protectors, ammeters, voltmeters, etc.;

7. Steel pipe or cable wiring;

8. Choice of wall-mounted and floor-standing, etc.

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Explosion Proof Illumination Distribution Box

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