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Working Conditions Of Explosion-proof Junction Box

Apr. 17, 2019

The explosion-proof work can be done to ensure the safety of the machine and the users. With the explosion-proof junction box, it can ensure safety and improve efficiency when working in hazardous places, but it must be carried out under certain working conditions to exert its functions. As an Explosion Proof Cable Connector Factory, we have the following recommendations:

1. The altitude of the location does not exceed 2000 meters;

2. The air temperature around the explosion-proof junction box is not higher than 60 ° C, not lower than -40 ° C;

3. The relative humidity of the air is not more than 90% (when the temperature is greater than 20 °C);

4. The vertical installation inclination of the explosion-proof junction box is not more than 5°;

5. Where there is no obvious shaking and strong impact vibration;

6. The explosion-proof junction box has no obvious damage to the environment of metal and insulating corrosive gases and vapors;

7. No drip or other liquid intrusion.

Anti Explosion Junction Box has obvious explosion-proof function. It also protects the safety of workers when wiring. It plays an important role in preventing explosions. Under the right working conditions, the efficiency of use can be guaranteed.

Anti Explosion Junction Box

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