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What Is The Cause Of The Explosion Proof Lamp Failure?

Nov. 30, 2018

Explosion Proof LED Ceiling Light failure is caused by the failure of the power supply and the drive, and the second is the failure of the LED device itself. Often the damage to the LED power supply and drive comes from the over-current surge (EOS) of the input supply and the open-circuit fault at the load. The over-current shock of the input power source often causes damage to the driver chip in the driver circuit and breakdown damage of passive components such as capacitors. A short-circuit fault at the load end may cause over-current drive of the drive circuit, and the drive circuit may be damaged by short-circuit or short-circuit fault.

Since 2001, ACCEL has been engaging in the explosion proof industry persistently. With decades of development and accumulation, we have been the decent provider of power & control solution for hazardous areas, majorly Zone 1 Zone 2 LED Light and zone 21, zone 22.

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