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Explosion Proof LED Exit Lamp Can Be Waterproof?

Dec. 07, 2018

I have been asked many times over the years: Your Explosion Proof LED Exit Lamp is not waterproof, can you use it in the open air, the answer is of course. Different test requirements are determined based on different waterproof properties.

Generally speaking, the waterproof requirement is IP65-IP68. The following Explosion Proof Led Lighting Manufacturer gives a brief introduction to the meaning of the number of protection levels.

IP65 6 refers to no dust ingress, and 5 refers to spraying water in all directions without harmful effects.

The front of the IP66 refers to the absence of dust, and the rear of the 6 refers to the strong water spray to the outer casing without any harmful effects.

The IP67 6 refers to no dust ingress, and the 7 refers to the water immersed in the specified pressure. After a specified period of time, the water in the casing does not reach harmful levels.

The IP68 6 refers to no dust ingress, and the 8 refers to the condition agreed by both the manufacturer and the user (should be harsh when the characteristic number is 7). After the continuous dive, the water intake of the casing does not reach the harmful degree.

All of our luminaires are IP66 rated. It can be used outdoors when properly installed. It will have no effect when it rains, whether it is light rain, moderate rain or heavy rain.

Everyone needs to understand that explosion-proof and waterproof are two different concepts. Some unscrupulous manufacturers sell waterproof led lamps as explosion-proof LED lamps. Waterproof led lamps are common type lighting, and can not be compared with led explosion-proof. If the Led explosion-proof luminaire will cause a short circuit in the water, causing a fire, the explosion-proof lamp will not be selected in the dangerous area, which will cause the scene to explode, causing casualties. Therefore, explosion-proof and waterproof are two concepts. What type of explosion-proof form is used, and how many levels of protection are used, the user should make it clear, and the manufacturer should also ask clearly. Photoelectric LED explosion-proof lamp adopts high protection treatment in the light source cavity part, adopts silicone rubber strip, uses aluminum alloy requirement, and multi-bolt compression method to meet IP66 protection grade.

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