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Technical Advantages Of Explosion Proof LED Lamp

Nov. 10, 2018

Because of the LED solid cold light source, the photoelectric conversion efficiency is high, the heat value is low, the power consumption is small, the low working voltage is a safe voltage, the service life is long, and the like, and the energy consumption is low. Therefore, high-power white LED explosion-proof lamps, especially an ideal electric light source for portable explosion-proof lamps.

Explosion Proof LED Lamp, patented regional road sealing technology, more in line with national explosion-proof new technology. It belongs to a special kind of industrial and electrical equipment, mainly to solve the lighting problem. It includes the chimney of the lamp housing, which is arranged in the front lamp housing, the light bulb and the battery are arranged on the lamp housing inside, and the surface is arranged to switch the lamp housing, which is characterized by: high power LED module illuminator, wide input voltage drive circuit between light and battery; wide input voltage drive circuit including constant current chip, chip and battery constant current power module, LED module connected to constant current chip, power module and LED module The glue is sealed together; between the ultrasonically welded lampshade and the lamp envelope. It uses low calorific value to achieve intrinsically safe explosion-proof, long life of LED light source, leading to constant brightness at the end of a complete battery charging and discharging. In the cooling device, the lamp housing can achieve effective heat dissipation of the leading module to ensure stability. Use in a variety of industries such as coal, oil, railway, flood protection and lighting.

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Explosion Proof LED Lamp

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