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Explosion Proof LED Lamp Has A Unique Way Of Lighting

Nov. 20, 2018

Explosion Proof LED Lamp is a kind of explosion-proof lamp. Its principle is the same as that of explosion-proof lamp. However, the light source is LED light source. It refers to various measures taken to prevent ignition of explosive mixtures such as explosive gas environment, explosive dust environment and gas. Lamps for specific measures. Explosion proof LED Lamp is currently the most energy-efficient explosion-proof luminaire, widely used in oilfield-power plant-chemical plant-oil-force.

LED explosion-proof luminaires are a very important principle of explosion protection by limiting the surface of the shell to explosive gases, explosive dust, temperature on the surface or surface parts of electronic components, and limiting the electrical contact surface temperature below the minimum ignition temperature and ignition temperature.

LED explosion-proof lamp, patented road sealing technology; more in line with national explosion-proof new technology. It belongs to a special kind of industrial and electrical equipment, mainly to solve the lighting problem. It includes the chimney of the lamp housing, which is arranged in the front lamp housing, the light bulb and the battery are arranged on the lamp housing inside, and the surface is arranged to switch the lamp housing, which is characterized by: high power LED module illuminator, wide input voltage drive circuit between light and battery; wide voltage input drive circuit includes constant current chip, constant current chip and battery power module, LED module is connected with constant current chip, power module and LED module seal The lamp housing and the lamp housing are welded with ultrasonic waves.

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Explosion Proof LED Exit Lamp

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