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What Do You Need To Pay Attention To When Using Explosion Proof LED Light?

Mar. 11, 2019

Explosion Proof LED Street Light is a series of explosion-proof lamps. Unlike other series of explosion-proof lamps, the wicks of LED explosion-proof lamps are made of LED materials. This explosion-proof lamp is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Why is the explosion-proof lamp called explosion-proof lamp? This is because when there is a fire or an explosion accident in the installation place, the LED explosion-proof lamp can effectively prevent the explosion, and can also be used in a place with a relatively harsh environment. Explosion Proof LED Flood Light Manufacturer reminds you of several points to note when using LED explosion-proof lights:

1. There is nothing to remove the LED explosion-proof lamp that has been sealed. This method of sealing is the latest explosion-proof technology in the country.

2. When we need to open the lamp cover of the LED explosion-proof lamp, we should cut off the power before proceeding.

3. When the LED explosion-proof lamp is used in the supermarket environment, we should always check whether there is moisture inside the lamp. If it is necessary, remove it and replace the sealed part of the lamp.

4. If the wick of the LED explosion-proof lamp is abnormal, it should be replaced in time to avoid affecting the lamp for the next time.

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