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What Should I Do If The Explosion Proof LED Light Is Broken?

Jan. 10, 2019

Although the current Explosion Proof LED Light technology is very mature, it is generally not bad, but what should I do if the explosion proof LED Light is broken?

1. First find out the reason and see if the current is too large or the problem inside the lamp.

2. When you remove the lamp, you need to pay attention to it. Put the cable to be wrapped in the hose and seal it with a plug. It is very dangerous to encounter sparks in a place like the hub polishing workshop.

3. Do not rush to open the light to check, but first let the purchase contact the Explosion Proof Flood Light Led Wholesaler, if the seller will teach you how to deal with the warranty period, in case you first dismantle the seller said they did not pass them If you agree, you will dismantle it. If you don't give it back after the sale, you will be in trouble. Generally speaking, this will not happen. You are not afraid of 10,000.

4. In general, the seller will agree to let you first open the inspection, like LED is mainly power and lamp beads, 80% is the power supply is broken, if installed is not installed, the water will be burned If the power supply is broken, you only need to send the power back to the seller to replace it. If the lamp is burnt, you can only send the whole lamp to the seller for repair or logistics. Of course, if the quantity is large, let the seller It is not impossible to send a new lamp.

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