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How Do You Buy The Explosion Proof Power Distribution Box Correctly?

Nov. 07, 2018

The interior of the electrical equipment enclosure will enter the surrounding explosive gas mixture due to respiration. When the equipment is sparked and dangerously hot, it will ignite the explosive gas mixture in the shell to form an infinite bursting force and shock wave. On the one hand, the flameproof enclosure should be able to accept the internal burst pressure without damage; on the other hand, the joint surface of the flameproof enclosure should prevent the bursting flame from conveying the surrounding explosive gas mixture outside the shell. Therefore, the flameproof enclosure should have both explosion-proof and explosion-proof functions. So how do you buy the Explosion Proof Power Distribution Box correctly? Here is a detailed introduction to this issue:

1. In selecting and purchasing explosion-proof distribution boxes, it is necessary to select the standard explosion-proof box manufacturers, and the electrical components that are strictly required to be used. Some manufacturers that use defective electrical components must be removed. Producers must also strictly produce according to the production needs, and constantly improve the inductive nature of the production staff, so that they can be careful about the homework, reducing the probability of showing defective goods. The manufacturer shall test the explosion-proof box produced by the manufacturer and do a good job in safety inspection.

2, the device: First of all, we must understand the color of all the wires on the surface, the switch should be clearly marked, the various wires must be carefully and regularly discharged, and must be bundled. If it is a very simple moving part, you can use a spike to fix it. If the explosion-proof box is selected for the surface, the height from the ground will reach 1.2 meters. If the box is a meter box, then the distance is about 1.8 meters. It is absolutely impossible to open the explosion-proof box with electric welding.

3, the protection of the explosion-proof box: must have a complete equipment protection force, the actual protection of the explosion-proof box, and the business training of these protection personnel, and then reach a very good protection. In addition, it is necessary to increase investment in protection of explosion-proof boxes and establish a sound monitoring and protection system.

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How Do You Buy The Explosion Proof Power Distribution Box Correctly?

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