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Little Common Sense About Explosion Protection

Mar. 28, 2019

As an Explosion Proof Power Distribution Box Supplier, ACCEL TECHNOLOGY will give you a few tips on explosion protection.

1. Division of hazardous areas

The meaning of a hazardous area is a measure of the likelihood of actual danger in the area, thereby specifying the applicable explosion protection type. The explosion-proof area of the International Electrotechnical Commission/European Electrotechnical Commission is:

Zone 0: continuously present areas with a hazard greater than 1000 hours/year;

Zone 1: Areas with intermittent dangers of 10~1000 hours/year;

Zone 2: The area of danger in the event of an accident of 0.1 to 10 hours per year;

2. Explosion protection mark

The following is an example of the CENELEC hydrogen explosion-proof mark: E Ex ia IIC T4

E: Approved according to the CENELEC logo

Ex: Explosion-proof public sign

Ia: Explosion-proof type (intrinsically safe)

II: Equipment group

C: gas group

T4: temperature group

Explosion-proof Junction Box

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