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Five Features Of the Explosion Proof Power Distribution Box

Sep. 29, 2018

Explosion Proof Power Distribution Box is mainly used in production, storage, and rescue, and its variety is also very large. The explosion-proof control box product generally adopts a composite structure in which an explosion-proof outer casing and an increased safety outer casing are combined. Explosion Proof Power Distribution Box's built-in explosion-proof components are imported from Germany and are beautifully designed and durable.

1. Aluminum alloy shell die-casting or steel plate welding, surface high-voltage electrostatic spray, beautiful appearance;

2. With overload and short circuit protection;

3. Module structure, various circuits can be freely assembled as needed;

4. It can be specially made according to user requirements, such as installing surge protector, ammeter, voltmeter, etc.

5. Steel pipe or cable wiring.

We mainly produce various explosion-proof equipment, such as: Explosion Proof Maintenance Free Led Lamp, Explosion Proof Safety Load Switch, etc. If you are interested in our explosion-proof equipment, you can contact us.

Explosion Proof Power Distribution Box

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