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What Is The Classification Of Explosion Protection Measures In Engineering?

Jan. 28, 2019

In order to prevent explosion and fire hazards, explosion-proof measures should be taken in the above locations. Today, Explosion Proof Light LED Supplier will give you an explanation of the engineering classification of explosion protection measures.

1. Explosion-proof measures--avoid an explosive and dangerous environment in the environment. It can be known from the foregoing three factors of generating explosion or combustion conditions that if the flammable substance can be avoided in the environment or the oxidant-oxygen is avoided in the environment, the fire or explosion hazard can be fundamentally avoided. Oxygen in the air is difficult to avoid, and a viable solution is to avoid flammable substances. Chemical plants often use workshops with no roofs to improve natural ventilation, or use forced ventilation to make the concentration of flammable substances in the environment lower than the lower explosion limit to avoid the danger of explosion.

2. Explosion-proof measures---- Avoid ignition sources in explosive atmospheres.

If an explosive hazardous environment is unavoidable, the source of ignition is eliminated in the environment. We often see signs of “no fireworks” in oil depots and gas stations, which are secondary explosion-proof measures. National standards stipulate that explosion-proof electrical products must be used in explosive places, which is also a secondary explosion-proof measure. According to the three elements of combustion and explosion conditions, different explosion-proof measures can be taken to prevent electrical equipment from becoming an ignition source. The principle of achieving explosion protection is to eliminate any of the three elements to prevent explosion.

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