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Why Do Gas Stations Use The Explosion Proof LED Lamp?

Oct. 17, 2018

As we all know, it is impossible to answer the phone at the gas station. Even if there is a phone call during the power-on state, it is likely to cause some safety accidents, so the mobile phone must be turned off at the gas station. So why do you have this? This is because the gas in the gas station is filled with liquefied gas molecules, which may be dangerous if it is exposed to electricity or sparks.

What should I do that night? Are the street lights beside the gas station in contact with dust and chemical molecules in the air, is it dangerous? This means that the gas station should use the explosion proof LED lamp. The street lamps next to the gas station and the liquefied gas station are Explosion Proof LED Lamps. The explosion-proof technology can effectively prevent the danger of contact with dust and liquefied gas.

Our Explosion Proof Maintenance Free Led Floodlight uses environmentally-friendly and energy-saving high-quality LED lamp beads and advanced explosion-proof technology, using the US Puri 45mil chip. It can effectively ensure the safety of liquefied gas stations and the progress of daily work. Considering the specific environment of the liquefied gas station, it should choose to install the street lamp as an explosion proof LED lamp, which can be used for both regular work in the gas station and for convenient vehicles.

We also have Ex Proof Electronic Enclosure available for you, contact us, you can learn more about explosion-proof products.

Explosion Proof Maintenance Free Led Floodlight

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