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What Are The Features Of Explosion Proof Circuit Breaker?

Jul. 26, 2018

Explosion Proof Circuit Breakers are hazardous places for the presence of flammable gases and dusts. They can prevent arcs, sparks and high-temperature flammable gases and dusts in the surrounding environment that can be generated inside explosion-proof circuit breakers, thus achieving explosion-proof requirements. Different flammable gas mixture environments have different requirements for explosion-proof grades and explosion-proof forms of explosion-proof lamps. So what are the characteristics of explosion-proof circuit breakers?

1. The explosion-proof circuit breaker is casted with aluminum alloy shell and the surface is sprayed with plastic. Explosion-proof anti-corrosion circuit breaker is injection-molded for engineering plastics with built-in explosion-proof circuit breaker

2. The explosion-proof circuit breaker is equipped with a high-breaking miniature circuit breaker or low-voltage molded case circuit breaker.

3, explosion-proof circuit breaker has overload, short-circuit protection, can also be installed according to requirements.

4, explosion-proof circuit breaker leakage and shunt protection and other protection devices.

5, explosion-proof circuit breaker steel pipe or cable wiring can be.

6, can add indicator button according to requirements

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What Are The Features Of Explosion Proof Circuit Breaker?

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