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Product Features Of Explosion Proof Power Distribution Box

Jul. 19, 2018

Explosion Proof Power Distribution Box is a kind of distribution box with explosion-proof performance, mainly used in hazardous areas in Zone 1 and Zone 2. The characteristics of the explosion-proof distribution box are as follows:

1. The aluminum alloy shell is die-casted, the surface is sprayed, and the appearance is beautiful;

2. This product is compound type, the switch box adopts explosion-proof structure, the bus box and the outlet box adopt the increased safety structure, and the cavity is provided with sealing ring, which has good waterproof and dustproof functions;

3. This product has overload and short circuit protection functions, and can increase leakage protection and other functions according to requirements;

4. Module structure, various circuits can be freely assembled as needed;

5. It can be specially made according to requirements, such as installing surge protector, ammeter, voltmeter, etc.

We not only produce explosion-proof distribution boxes, but also explosion-proof products such as Explosion Proof Circuit Breaker, Explosion Proof Control Button, etc. We can also customize according to your requirements and look forward to your consultation.

Explosion Proof Power Distribution Box

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