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What Is The Difference Between LED Explosion Proof Lamp And Ordinary LED Lamp?

Mar. 18, 2019

The biggest difference between LED Explosion Proof Lamp and ordinary LED lamp is that LED explosion-proof lamp has high safety performance. Many production workshops have many dangerous gases or flammable substances, and LED explosion-proof lamps are used in these places to prevent The explosion will ensure the safety of the workshop workers.

At present, the state's requirements for safe production are very strict, and there will be safety inspections every year. If there are dangerous items in the workshop, it is necessary to use explosion-proof lamps. Otherwise, it may be required to suspend production and rectification. The thickness of the Explosion Proof Enclosure will be much thicker than the ordinary one. Even if the time is long, the circuit inside is short-circuited, the product will explode, the shell of the lamp housing will not be damaged, and it will effectively isolate the dangerous gas from the outside.

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