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The Importance Of Explosion-Proof Safety

Aug. 23, 2018

People pay great attention to explosion protection, which can be seen from the sales of explosion-proof electrical appliances in recent years. The survey also illustrates a problem: the concept of explosion protection has gradually gained popularity.

Explosion-proof electrical appliances generally refer to a type of electrical equipment used in places where explosive gas and steam are present. Especially in the hot and hot seasons in summer, explosion-proof is especially important, for example, Pendant type Explosion Proof Circuit Breaker. Care must be taken with caution. Do not take it lightly. The high temperature is not only difficult for everyone's daily life, but also prone to unexpected fires and explosions that directly affect people's lives and property. Therefore, explosion-proof is a difficult problem that is easily overlooked in front of people.

High temperature in summer is the main cause of explosion and spontaneous combustion of flammable liquids, gases, solids and other flammable and explosive chemicals, which can easily cause unexpected disasters. To prevent problems before they happen, the summary must do two things:

1. Conducting people's education on explosion-proof safety awareness. Extensive publicity and education in a variety of ways, so that the general public can know some of the explosion-proof knowledge that must be known in life.

2. Safety precautions should be in place, for example: whether the liquefied gas switch of the unit or household is closed, whether it is away from the fire source and the power source; whether it carries flammable or explosive materials when riding the ship or when flying, strictly checking for leaving no trouble, etc.

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