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How To Solve The Problem Of Explosion Proof LED Lamp?

Nov. 27, 2018

No matter what equipment you use, accidents can occur at any time as long as you use it for a long time. LED explosion-proof lights are no exception. How to solve the unexpected situation when the Explosion Proof LED Lamp is used? Today, Xiaobian will solve the problem of the explosion proof LED Lamp problem.

1. As long as the LED explosion-proof lamp has abnormal conditions, it is necessary to stop the LED explosion-proof lamp immediately, and start to find the cause to see what is caused. Only after the cause is identified can the next operation be performed.

2. Under normal circumstances, as long as the LED explosion-proof lamp fails, most of the power supply and the lamp bead are broken. If it is found to be the cause of the inspection, the lamp bead must be replaced. It is best to return the LED explosion-proof bulb directly to the factory for repair.

3. When there is a problem with the LED explosion-proof lamp, do not turn the light on too soon. First contact the manufacturer for advice and tell the manufacturer what happened, then correct the maintenance with the manufacturer's instructions.

The above is an introduction to how to solve the unexpected situation of Explosion Proof LED Flood Light.

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