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Important Factors For Purchasing Explosion-Proof Equipment

Aug. 08, 2018

With the increasing demand for explosion-proof products in various industries, the development of the explosion-proof electrical industry has entered a period of steady and rapid development. However, there have been many major industrial accidents in recent years. Safety production is an important guarantee for the stable, rapid and sustainable development of enterprises. The hazardous area is divided into three areas based on the frequency and duration of the explosive gas environment:

Zone 0: a place where an explosive gas environment occurs continuously or for a long time;

Zone 1: A location where an explosive atmosphere may occur during normal operation;

Zone 2: In normal operation, an explosive atmosphere is unlikely to occur, if it occurs, it happens occasionally, and it is only a place that exists for a short time.

Confirming the hazardous area of the production environment to purchase suitable explosion-proof products is one of the important factors to ensure safe production.

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