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What Should Pay Attention To When Purchasing Explosion Proof LED Lamp?

Jun. 12, 2019

As an Explosion Proof LED Flood Light Manufacturer, we teach you a few tips for purchasing the Explosion Proof LED Lamp.

First, recognize the relevant standards. From a safety perspective, the products should comply with relevant international and national standards. Therefore, safety certification is the standard for measuring the quality of Explosion Proof LED Lamp. It is necessary to carefully identify the authenticity of the certificate when purchasing.

Second, the Explosion Proof LED Lamp with constant current power supply, the price of the resistors, capacitors, ICs and other components of the LED driving power supply are very different. The design of the whole power supply and the rationality of the design of the circuit itself will directly affect the quality of the product. Some driving power supplies are only constant voltage, and do not achieve constant current, and LED explosion-proof lamps must have constant current to better ensure quality and service life. Therefore, this requires extra attention when purchasing, especially for high-power LED lights.

Explosion Proof LED Lamp

Third, be careful of low-cost traps, LED light source prices to vary greatly, LEDs of the same color and brightness, the price can be several times different. This difference is mainly reflected in the reliability of LED and the performance of light decay and appearance process. The low-cost Explosion Proof LED Lamp has a small chip size, rough electrodes, poor materials, poor current resistance, poor temperature and humidity, fast light decay and short life. Therefore, the pursuit of low prices may not be worth the candle.

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