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The Safety Performance Of The Explosion-proof Distribution Box Is Irreplaceable

May. 11, 2019

Such an explosion-proof distribution box is installed in the distribution room in some public places, and the distribution box has a certain protection for current management in the distribution room. While protecting, the voltage that the circuit can pass is relatively stable. Therefore, installing such an explosion-proof distribution box in the power distribution room is one of the favorable decisions. As an Explosion Proof Power Distribution Box Wholesaler, let's share with you the safety of the explosion-proof distribution box.

The overall structure of the explosion-proof distribution box is made of stainless steel. After the welding is completed, it is thoroughly polished and polished with a professional polishing tool. Therefore, the overall appearance is more beautiful. When in use, the button on the surface can be pressed directly to perform the overall switching action.

Explosion Proof Power Distribution Box

For places with special explosion-proof requirements, before the selected explosion-proof distribution box, such distribution box manufacturers need to be carefully connected to achieve a certain consensus, and finally carry out production tasks; in such special distribution When the box is shipped from the factory, the manufacturer distinguishes it from other series of explosion-proof products. Therefore, it is often distinguished by the letter-like logo, and the label is clear, so as to facilitate the user according to its The performance is used correctly.

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