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BAD93 Explosion Proof Energy-Efficient & Maintenance Free Led Lamp


Pieces suitable for explosive gas environment 1 zone and 2 zone,

This product in Hazardous:21,22,

Pieces suitable for IIA, IIB, IIC explosive gas environment,

Should apply to the temperature group for T1~T6 environment;

Technician specifications

Ex rating:Exd II CT5(6) Gb、ExtD A21IP66 T95(80)℃

Rated voltage:AC220V 50-60Hz 

protection grade:IP65、IP66* 

Corrosion-proof grade:WF1 、WF2* 

Inlet thread:G3/4 ''

Terminal block: ≤2.5mm2 reliable wire connection  

Mounting: x:ceiling type g:pendant type z:bracket type b:wall type(b1:30° b2:90°) f:flange type (f1:30°f2:90°) h:fence type(h1:30°h2:90°)

Executive standard:  GB3836.1、GB3836.2、GB12476.1、GB12476.5、IEC60079-0、IEC60079-1、IEC61241-0、IEC61241-1、EN60079-0、EN60079-1、EN61241-0、EN61241-1


◇Pieces suitable for explosive gas environment 1 zone and 2 zone,

◇This product in Hazardous:21,22,

◇Pieces suitable for IIA, IIB, IIC explosive gas environment,

◇Should apply to the temperature group for T1~T6 environment;

◇Suitable for energy-saving reconstruction project and the place where difficultly to do the repairment and replacement.

◇Designed for petroleum exploitation, refinery, storage, chemistry, medicine, military and military facilities etc. sites with potential explosive atmosphere.

BAD93 Explosion Proof Energy-Efficient

Techniccl parameter

◇Meet a criterion:GB3836.1, GB3836.2, GB3836.3, GB3836.9, GB12476.1, IEC60079-0, IEC60079-1, IEC60079-7, IEC60079-18, IEC61241-1-1, EN60079-0, EN60079-1, EN60079-7,

EN60079-18, EN61241-1-1

◇Explosion-proof mark:ExdIICT6Gb/ Exd A21 IP66 T80℃ II2 G ExdIICT6 IP66 II2 D Exd A21 IP66 T80℃ Db

◇Rated voltage:AC220V 50-60HZ◇protection grade:IP65, IP66*

◇Explosion-proof grade:WF1;WF2*

◇Inlet thread:G3/4 or or M25×1.5

◇Terminal block: (≤2.5mm2)wring connection

◇Mounting: x: Ceiling type g:Pendant type z:seat-type b:wall type(b1:30° b2:90°)

f:bend type (f1:30° f2:90°) h:fence type(h1:30° h2:90°)

BAD93 Explosion Proof Energy-Efficient

Main features

BAD93 Explosion Proof Energy-Efficient

1. Unique radiator design and the use of special cast aluminum alloy die-casting made of high-voltage electrostatic spray surface.

2. Stainless steel exposed fasteners with High corrosion resistance.

3. Pure flameproof structure of the Stop and thread explosion-proof joint surface, reliable explosion-proof performance.

4. Professional design of the light distribution system, energy-efficient, with reasonable illumiation and uniform illumination.

5.Patented protection structure to ensure proper operation in hazardous environments;

6.Patented cooling technology, special heat dissipation material, high thermal conductivity;

7.Transparent glass cover produced by High-strength materials , performance good on impact and heat uplift ability, high transmittance.

8.Standard three-box high-structure design, modular installation combination. Effectively reduce the temperature rise, to ensure the lamp work with long life;

9.Multi-spot light illumination system multipoint emitting, illumination uniformity. None glare

10.Special constant current waterproof power, wide voltage input, constant output, with short circuit and high temperature protection;

11.Power factor cos(Φ)≥0.95;

12.Can be equipped with a combination of emergency devices as request, it can automatically transfer to the emergency lighting state when the power supply power failure(check table below);

13.Steel pipe, cable wiring G3 / 4 "; or M25X1.5;

14.Patent of invention,all rights reserved.

BAD93 Explosion Proof Energy-EfficientBAD93 Explosion Proof Energy-EfficientBAD93 Explosion Proof Energy-EfficientBAD93 Explosion Proof Energy-Efficient

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