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How To Install Explosion Proof Junction Box?

Jun. 19, 2019

Explosion Proof Junction Box is one of the indispensable parts of industrial automation temperature meter thermocouple and thermal resistance products, and the assembly method is screw-fastened; the terminals are all crimped, firm and reliable, and do not damage the core wire. As an Explosion Proof Junction Box Manufacturer, let's share with you how to install the Explosion Proof Junction Box.

The Explosion Proof Junction Box must have a reliable grounding because the explosion-proof junction box is installed in a high-risk area. Once an explosion occurs inside the box, a large amount of static electricity may be generated, causing a large-scale explosion or fire in a high-risk area.

The Explosion Proof Junction Box is the terminal for distribution cables or fiber optic cables. It is important to connect the distribution cable or the cable and the subscriber line to branch the trunk line. The wiring method is related to the explosion-proof method. If it is explosion-proof, it can be wired firmly. Even if there is a spark inside, it is in the explosion chamber. However, if it is an increased safety type, it must be pressed with a terminal.

Explosion Proof Junction Box

1. Before installing the explosion-proof junction box, check whether the technical data on the nameplate is consistent with the actual use;

2. AH Explosion Proof Junction Box maintenance inspection must be disconnected before the power can be opened;

3. When installing, it is necessary to pass the cable through the sealing ring to ensure that the seal and the cable should not be loose, and the unused wiring port should be sealed with a sealing ring;

4. Check all fasteners for looseness and tighten if loose.

5. The internal and external grounding of the explosion-proof junction box must be good and reliable.

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