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What Are the Installation Methods of LED Explosion-proof Lamps?

Jul. 09, 2019

As an Explosion Proof LED Flood Light Manufacturer, let us explain how to install LED explosion-proof lights.

1. Directly sealed in the outer casing and formed integrally with the outer casing. This method is simple, practical, and widely used. The sealing material should be made of heat-resistant and oil-resistant rubber parts, or an adhesive such as epoxy resin should be used to seal the transparent parts in the outer casing and press them tightly.

2. Secure the transparent part directly inside the casing with or without a gasket. When the liner is not used, the flatness of the transparent member joint surface is required to be high, and it is generally suitable for small flat glass and the glass bonding portion is simultaneously flattened, otherwise, the glass is unevenly stressed and easily broken.

3. Sealed or glued to a frame, the frame is fastened in the outer casing so that the transparent member can be replaced as a whole. This type of construction is rarely used in luminaires, on large equipment that requires frequent replacement of transparent parts.

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Explosion Proof LED Lamp

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