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What Are the Main Advantages of LED Explosion-proof Lamps?

Jun. 02, 2019

LED explosion-proof lamps are mainly based on high-power LED lamp beads and package integrated chips, combined with the external structure of the lamps and applicable places, etc., but the choice of LED explosion-proof lamps needs to be cautious, especially the choice of power size and lighting. The size of the LED lamp housing is closely combined. Because the temperature of the LED lamp is high, the lamp with high power naturally needs a larger housing to achieve good heat dissipation. As an Explosion Proof LED Flood Light Manufacturer, let's share with you the main advantages of LED explosion-proof lamps.

Explosion Proof LED

1. Power consumption LED explosion-proof floodlights to consume very low power, and the power consumption is 10%-20% of traditional light sources. 20W LED lamp illumination is equivalent to the 150-200W incandescent lamp;

2. LED explosion-proof lamp adopts imported high-quality LED as light source, and the life of the LED light source is more than 80,000 hours.

3. Uninterrupted work 24 hours a day, no need to maintain a complete solution to the safety hazards of frequent replacement of the light bulb, and because of the low operating temperature of the LED light source, its safety performance is greatly improved;

4. Explosion Proof LED has strong applicability and can work normally between AC 100V-265V without any change in brightness. Strong flameproof, strong shock and vibration resistance, good resistance to humidity and heat sealing.

5. In line with the new national standards, energy saving, low carbon, environmental protection, compared with incandescent lamps, energy saving is about 90%, compared with the energy-saving lamps that are often used today, saving about 60%.

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