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JBK5 Machine Tool Control Transformer

JBK5 are the newest generation of specialized transformers for machine tools, which are mainly used as control power

for machine tools and industrial mechanical equipments; or as power supplies for electrical & electronic appliance,

working lighting and signal lamps; in single phase circuit of 50/60Hz, input voltage up to 500V and output voltage up to


Standard capacity is up to 2500VA, customized capacity up to 5000VA.

The transformer can be equipped with professional device to ensure over-current and overheat protection, for more safe

and reliable application.

JBK6 transformers are made of imported materials for special requirements of insulation grade and temperature rise.

Main features:

1. Integrated style design specialized for machine tools application.

2. High grade silicon lamination core and pure copper windings, lead to high efficiency, excellent performance and stable operation.

3. Upgraded anti-corrosion grounding screw, optional over-current and overheat protection as JBKS5, for more safe and reliable application.

4. Compact size, less weight, easy wire connection and simple installation.

5. Ambient working temperature: -5~40℃ (TH type up to 55℃); temperature class of insulation: F (H class available uponrequest)

6. CE certified, complies with VDE0550, IEC 61558, IEC204-1, IEC439, IEC742, GB/T 5226.1, GB/T 14048.1, JB/T 5555 standards.



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