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The Specific Differences Between Explosion-proof Lamps And Three-proof Lamps

May. 29, 2019

As an Explosion Proof LED Flood Light Manufacturer, let's talk about the specific differences between explosion-proof lamps and three-proof lamps.

Explosion-proof lamps: mainly for the protection measures taken to prevent the explosion of lamps, integrated into one of the lamps, called explosion-proof lamps, such lamps are mainly for high-pressure sodium lamps, lamps and other fragile and easily contaminated lamps used in specific The luminaires of the place.

Explosion Proof LED Flood Light

Three-proof lamps: mainly for the adaptability of the lamps to the environment, including the three defenses: waterproof, explosion-proof, fireproof, mainly used in those special places.

A luminaire is an appliance that transmits, distributes, and changes the light distribution of a source, including all the components, components, and wiring accessories necessary to secure and protect the source, except for the source.

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