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Which Bulb is used in Explosion-proof Lamp to Meet the Standard?

Jun. 27, 2019

As an Explosion Proof Cable Gland Factory, let's talk about the choice of explosion-proof light bulbs.

LED lamp advantages:

First, small size

Second, low power consumption

Third, long service life

Fourth, high brightness, low heat

Fifth, environmental protection

Six, sturdy and durable

Disadvantages of LED lights:

1. The illumination is small and not suitable for large-area illumination.

2. The led light will also heat up and need to dissipate heat.

3. LEDs cannot be used simply as ordinary light sources; their use is to drive power, optical and thermal conduction.

Explosion Proof Led

Advantages of all-plastic fluorescent lamps:

1. The lamp body is made of polycarbonate material and has the characteristics of high strength, strong impact resistance, high-temperature resistance, and cold resistance.

2. The lamp body and the transparent cover are snap-fitted, and the combination is more compact. The special design of the sealing strip and double sealing make the protection performance more excellent.

3. The lamp body is equipped with a well-designed breathing device to balance the pressure difference between the inside and the outside to completely eliminate the condensation phenomenon.

4. Easy maintenance, only need to open the buckle to open when opening the cover.

5. The emergency device can be equipped according to the user's requirements. When the external power is cut off, the lamp automatically switches the emergency lighting state.

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