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Precautions for Use of Explosion-proof Tools in High-risk Areas

Jul. 02, 2019

As an Explosion Proof Cable Gland Factory, let us introduce the precautions for use of explosion-proof tools in high-risk areas.

1. Explosion-proof tools should be cleaned of external oil before use, strictly in accordance with the operating instructions and instructions for use of explosion-proof tools.

2. Explosion-proof tools should have a stable maintenance stage after the end of our daily tasks. It is very effective for the service life of explosion-proof tools. If the maintenance of explosion-proof tools is improper, it may make our explosion-proof tools impossible. For long-term use. First, we must keep the explosion-proof tools in a dry environment so that the explosion-proof tools will not be damaged.

3. After use, clean the external dirt and accumulation and store in a dry environment.

Ex Proof Junction Box

4. Wrench products are not super-powerful, cannot be used with sleeves or other metal bars to lengthen the arm, and use the hammer to strike (except for hammer wrenches)

5. Strike the kind of products, not to continue the attack, beyond 10 times should have a proper interval, but also timely clean up the sticky debris of the product before use.

6. The cutting edge should be placed in the sink and slightly touched by the grinding wheel for sharpening. The force is too strong and the grinding wheel is too long.

7. In the practice of knocking on things, it is necessary to eliminate the oxides on the scene and the surface of the task.

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