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LED Explosion-proof Lamp is One of The More Popular Technologies Nowadays

Jun. 16, 2019

As an Explosion Proof Indicator Lamp Supplier, let's share with you one of the more popular technologies: LED explosion-proof lights.

LED explosion-proof lamp use range:

1. Applicable to the hazardous environment of oil, chemical, dock, military reserve and other enterprises in the line of AC 50Hz and voltage 220V, and lighting for offshore drilling platforms and oil tankers;

2. It is used in Zone 1 and Zone 2 of the explosive gas environment;

3. Used in IIA, IIB, IIC explosive gas environment;

4. Used in the T1-T4 group temperature class.

Explosion Proof LED

Explosion Proof LED is one of the most popular technologies nowadays. The application range of led explosion-proof lamps is very wide. From the daily consumer products to electronics, automotive, medical, construction, aerospace and other industries, LED explosion-proof lamps can be seen. Compared with the traditional technology with complicated procedures and high cost, the LED explosion-proof lamp has the advantages of simple operation, integrated molding, unlimited design space, and reduced wear and durability. Led explosion-proof lamps also have greater advantages in terms of production cycle and cost.

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