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CBF Explosion Proof Axial Fan


Explosive gas atmosphere Zone 1 and Zone 2

Combustible dust areas Zone 20, Zone 21 and Zone 22

Explosive gas mixture classification IIA, IIB,IIC

Explosive gas ignition temperature group T1-T4

Be used for ventilation and air the laboratory.

Technician specifications

Ex rating:Exd IIB(IIC)T4 Gb

Rated voltage: AC220V/380V

IP grade: IP54

Corrosion-proof class: WF1、WF2

Inlet thread: G3/4"

Wiring Outer diameter: φ8mm~φ14mm

Executive standard: GB3836.1,GB3836.2,GB12476.1; 


Model implicatio

CBF Explosion Proof Axial Fan


◇Pieces suitable for explosive gas environment 1 zone and 2 zone,

◇Pieces suitable for IIA, IIB explossive gas environment,

◇This product in Hazardous:20 zone, 21 zone, 22 zone,

◇Should apply to the temperature gruop for T1~T4 environment;

◇Designed for explosive atmosphere such as petroleump exploitation, refinery, storage, chemical, pharmaceutical, military and military facilities, etc;

◇Be used for ventilation and air the laboratory.

Techniccl parameter

◇Meet a criterion:GB3836.1, GB3836.2, GB12476.1, IEC60079-0, IEC60079-1, IEC61241-1

◇Explosion-proof mark: Exd IIB(IIC)T4 Gb

◇Rated voltage:AC220/380V

◇Protection grade:IP54

◇Explosion-proof grade: WF1、WF2

◇Inlet thread:G3/ '

◇Cable diameter: Φ8mm~ Φ14mm


◇Explosion-proof axial flow fan is made up of explosion-proof motor, fan

blades, wind cylinder etc.

◇Fan blades with large chord, space warps, tilted structure wilde blade, it can meet the required wind rated and wind pressure.

◇Low noise, Low consumption, and secure the explosion- proof performance;

◇With flexible installation: Bracket type, Pipe line type, Post type, Fixed type.

◇According to the user require to choose impeller velocity (Motor power or wind rate).

◇Suitable for both steel pipe wiring and cable wiring.

CBF Explosion Proof Axial FanCBF Explosion Proof Axial Fan

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