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LA53 Explosion Proof Control Button


Explosive gas atmosphere Zone 1 and Zone 2

Combustible dust areas Zone 21 and Zone 22

Explosive gas mixture classification IIA, IIB, IIC

Explosive gas ignition temperature group T1-T6

Technician specifications

Ex rating: Exde IIC T6 Gb, Ex td A21 IP66 T80℃

Rated current: 16A

Rated voltage: AC220V/380V

IP grade: IP65, IP66*

Corrosion-proof class: WF1、WF2*

Inlet thread: G3/4"

Wiring Outer diameter: φ8mm~φ14mm

Executive standard: 

GB3836.1, GB3836.2, GB3836.3, GB12476.1,GB12476.5; 

IEC60079-0, IEC60079-1, IEC60079-7, IEC61241-0; 

EN60079-0, EN60079-1, EN60079-7, EN61241-0,EN61241-1

Model implicatio

LA53 Explosion Proof Control Button


Designed for Explosive atmosphere Zone1 and Zone 2

Designed for Groups IIA,IIB,IIC

Designed for Combustible dust  Zone21, Zone22

Designed for Temperature classes T1~T6

Designed for sites with explosive atmosphere such as petroleum exploitation, refinery, chemistry, medicine, textile, printing, military and military etc.

Techniccl parameter

Meet a criterion: GB3836.1    GB3836.2    GB3836.3    GB12476.1    GB12476.5

IEC60079-0    IEC60079-1    IEC60079-7    IEC61241-0

EN60079-0    EN60079-1    EN60079-7    EN61241-0    EN61241-1

Explosion-proof mark: Exde II CT6 Gb   ExtD A21 IP66 T80

Rated voltage: AC220/380V

Rated current: 16A

protection grade: IP65   IP66*

Explosion-proof grade: WF1   WF2*

Inlet thread: G3/4”

Cable diameter: Φ8mm-Φ14mm


Enclosure is die casted aluminum alloy with high voltage electrostatic powder coated surface after shot blasted.

Built-in flameproof button and increased safety ammeter, The Ann model voltmeter, etc ;

Button with ammeter could supervise running state of facilities;

Wiring with steel tube or cable.

Appearance                rule   and  method of installatio

LA53 Explosion Proof Control Button

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