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BFS Explosion Proof Exhaust Fan


Explosive gas atmosphere Zone 1 and Zone 2

Combustible dust areas Zone 21 and Zone 22

Explosive gas mixture classification IIA, IIB

Explosive gas ignition temperature group T1-T4

Be used for ventilation and air the laboratory.

Technician specifications

Ex rating: Exd IIB(C)T4 Gb

Rated voltage: AC220V/380V

Main shaft revolution: 1450r/min

IP grade: IP54

Corrosion-proof class: WF1

Inlet thread: G3/4"

Wiring Outer diameter: φ8mm~φ14mm

Executive standard: GB3836.1, GB3836.2, GB12476.1; 

IEC60079-0, IEC60079-1, IEC61241-1

Model implicatio

BFS Explosion Proof Exhaust Fan


Pieces suitable for explosive gas environment 1 zone and 2 zone, Pieces suitable for IIA, IIB explossive gas environment,

This product in Hazardous:21zone, 22zone,

Should apply to the temperature gruop for T1~T4 environment; Designed for explosive atmosphere such as petroleump exploitation, refinery, storage, chemical, pharmaceutical, military and military facilities, etc.

To be used for workshop and warehouse to ventilated, and allow the fresh air into the laboratory.

Techniccl parameter

Meet a criterion:GB3836.1, GB3836.2, GB12476.1, IEC60079-0, IEC60079-1, IEC61241-1

Explosion-proof mark: Exd IIB(IIC)T4 Gb

 Rated voltage:AC220/380V Main shaft revolution:1450r/min Protection grade:IP54

Explosion-proof grade:WF1

 Inlet thread:G3/ ''

Cable diameter: Φ8mm~ Φ14mm


◇Explosion-roof bracket ventialting fan is composed of explosion proof motor, fan blades, panel, etc.

◇The panel of Explosion proof bracket ventialting fan is welded of sheet steel, the blades is of die casted aluminium alloy with high voltage eletrostatic powder coated surface.

◇Aestheic appearence, intergral constructure safe and reliable.

◇With damping device and low-operating noise.

◇Suitable for both the cable wiring or steel pipe wiring.

BFS Explosion Proof Exhaust FanBFS Explosion Proof Exhaust Fan

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